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If you just can't wait  to have your manual, now we've got downloadable versions for you.  It includes exactly the same information as the printed manual in a .pdf (Adobe portable document format) format (you'll need a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it).  You can also print it for use in your shop.  In addition, downloading the manual saves you shipping & handling charges.  Plus, most of the photos are in full color!

For instant download, we accept credit cards via PayPal which is a 100% secure transaction.  After securing your payment, you will be forwarded to a page that contains a file of your manual.  Download and get busy!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST disable all pop-up blockers when purchasing your
manual through PayPal. In addition, DO NOT close any windows until you have

returned to this site and completed the download. In many cases, PayPal
will open a new window to forward you back to our site. Many people are
apparently closing the PayPal window and/or their pop-up blockers are
preventing it from opening before they can be forwarded back to HPE.
Closing the PayPal window and/or failing to disable pop-up blockers will
prevent the new window and you will not be able to download your manual.


To get a manual, just click on the button next to your year:

     MASTER MANUAL (3.2 megabytes)

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