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Downloadable manuals now on-line!

Thank you for your interest.  If you're here, you've undoubtedly decided that you have some interest in building a V8 Ranger or Bronco II.  Even if you're just thinking about taking on the project, this manual will help you decide if the project is within your abilities.  It includes information such as wire-to-wire electrical connections, complete part numbers and sources, and over 100 photographs, diagrams, and charts mapping out every stage of a V8 Ranger/Bronco II swap.  If you have a 1983-2000 Ranger or Bronco II, this manual will walk you through the swap, step-by-step, from selecting the proper tools and work space, to connecting your factory gauges, and everything in between.

The manual is also available in two versions.  For detailed swap information on all years of Rangers, 1983-2000, you need the MASTER MANUAL.  If you only need detailed information on one truck or one model year, then you should use the STANDARD MANUAL, which has complete information (including wiring) for your exact year Ranger or Bronco II.  NOTE: We no longer offer printed manuals.

Downloadable manuals are available for immediate download in a .pdf format for viewing with a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Using your credit card or an E-check, you can pay for the manual through PayPal and access the manual of your choice immediately.  Check out the Downloads page for more information.

Pricing information is as follows:

STANDARD MANUAL (download): $25.00  (Shipping & Handling charges do not apply)


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